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United Russia


The United Russia party has been given the role of the dominant party in the Russian political system, both at the national level and in all regions.

As of April 2024, United Russia holds the majority of seats (325 out of 450) in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. United Russia also holds the majority of seats in 82 (out of 85) regional parliaments. United Russia does not have a majority in regional parliaments in Khabarovsk Krai, Moscow and Altai Krai. Most of Russia’s incumbent governors are either directly nominated or supported by United Russia.

The United Russia party does not have a clearly defined ideological position. It can be described as a center-conservative party. However, its more important characteristic is its affiliation with the incumbent president Vladimir Putin. Since May 2012, Dmitry Medvedev has been the party's chair.

United Russia has been participating in elections since 2003, consistently holding at least a relative majority in all terms. Since 2016, United Russia has had an absolute majority in the State Duma. In the latest State Duma elections in 2021, United Russia received 49.82% of votes on party lists and won in 198 out of 225 single-member districts.

Representatives of United Russia are present in the majority of precinct election commissions. They also have the biggest chances to become commissions’ chairpersons. Some quantitative studies have shown that the presence of a chairperson from United Russia increases the share of votes for United Russia in this polling station, which supposedly indicates that falsification in favor of the United Russia candidate(s) took place.

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