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Precinct Election Commission


Precinct Election Commission (PEC) stands at the bottom of election administration in Russia. One Precinct Election Commission is established at each polling station where voting takes place. The functions of a Precinct Election Commission are typical: to update and correct the voter list; to organize the voting process, count votes and approve results at a particular polling station; and to consider complaints about violations of the law within a PEC. The maximum number of voters for each PEC is 3,000. As of 2021, Russia had 96 thousand polling stations.

A PEC consists of commissioners with a decisive vote. Their number depends on the number of voters assigned to the PEC. Half of the commission members must be appointed by political parties represented in the State Duma, regional legislature or local municipality. The second half can be represented by municipal employees, public organizations, other political parties, and assemblies of voters based on their place of work, residence, or study.

A Precinct Election Commission is a collegial body where decisions are made by majority vote. The term of office of a PEC is usually 5 years (with some regional exceptions). Each commission includes a chairperson, deputy and secretary. The chairperson is an important figure in the commission, leading its work and signing most of the documents produced during the commission's work.

PECs are supposed to be independent collegial bodies, but most often they are not. Quite often, the commissions makeup depends on higher commissions. Existing restrictions on the composition of PECs, which aim to balance the makeup through an even distribution of party representatives, do not have the desired effect. Structurally, the majority of PECs are located in school premises, and many commission members are school employees (budget-funded teachers), who are heavily dependent on the authorities. The process of inclusion and appointment of positions within PECs is highly politicized.

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