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New People


New People is a system party. New People has the fifth largest number of seats (13 out of 450) in the Russian State Duma and three deputies in regional parliaments. None of the current governors of the Russian Federation have been nominated by the New People.

The party emerged in 2020. The party's founder is Alexei Nechayev, known as the creator of Faberlic, a cosmetics sales and production company. At the party's founding congress, most delegates were regional managers of Faberlic. Alexei Nechayev has been the party's chair since then. Notably, New People emerged simultaneously with several other spoiler parties.

New People can be described as a center-right or liberal party. However, it is often accused of being a pro-Kremlin project designed to appeal to the young urban protest electorate. In 2023, New People merged with another center-right party, the Party of Growth, which had no major successes at the national level but had representation in some regions. In the last Russian State Duma elections (2021), New People received 5.32% on party lists and did not win any single-mandate district.

In the 2024 Russian presidential election, New People nominated Vladislav Davankov, who according to official results came third with 3.85% of the vote. Since 2021, Davankov has been a deputy of the Russian State Duma for New People and Deputy Chair of the State Duma.

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